The Undertakers 5 Greatest Moments

The Undertaker has won over many fans and defeated many rivals during his career. Over the last 25 years he has struck awe into fans and many people have brought themselves The Undertaker cardboard cutout among other merchandise. When people look at The Undertaker cardboard cutout, they are reminded of the man who has defeated over 160 men in the ring and continues to do so. Today we are remembering some of his greatest moments!

1.    Wrestlemania 25
Going up against Edge for the championship title, the Undertaker stood his ground against the contender and came out as world champion. This was the first time where his victory was in doubt as Edge was a very tough opponent to beat!

2.     Wrestlemania 20
After a 4 year retirement, the Undertaker came back guns blazing. After losing to his brother, Kane in 2003, the phenom came back in 2004 to destroy his rival in this, one of the greatest moments of Wrestlemania of all time and restart his winning streak.

3.    Wrecking Ball of the 2001 Royal Rumble
Coming in as number 25, the Undertaker joined his brother, Kane in a wrecking spree. Together the two brothers managed to knock out 14 combined opponents. The winner of the rumble would go on to be Stone Cold Steve Austin, but the brothers destruction would be remembered for years after.

The Undertaker cardboard cutout

4.    1994 Royal Rumble Casket Match
This was during the Undertaker’s reign of terror. It took over 10 men to finally lock the phenom in his casket. After the match was over, the Undertaker delivered one of the cheesiest lines in WWE history, stating that he would not rest in peace and climbing into the rafters above the ring.

5.    1991 Defeat of Hulk Hogan
The biggest name in wrestle of the time, Hollywood Hulk Hogan was defeated by the Undertaker for the first time in 1991. Awarding the Undertaker his first world champion title.

Do Meditation Videos Work?

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