9 Tips for Moving Success

When you are getting ready to move you find out very quickly how tiresome and difficult of a task the job really is. There is so much sorting and labeling and boxing and protecting to do and it seems that you can never get it all done. With these 9 moving tips, you can ensure that your move is a total and complete success.

  1. Prepare: Start well in advance of the move and you will save a lot of headache and stress. It is advised to start at least three months ahead of the scheduled move.
  2. Supplies: You need plenty of boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, so make sure that you have it on hand ahead of time to start packing.
  3. Compare Movers: There are so many moving companies out there that comparing Los Angeles movers is a must. It is easy and free to compare, you can save money, so why not?
  4. Label: Do not skip out on labeling boxes. It is a mistake that you will regret later.
  5. Organize: You will find it much simpler to move when you have things organized by room and labeled, so do not forget these important steps.
  6.  Protect Valuables: If you have valuables that you are moving, take extra precaution to protect these items. If you can, consider moving them on your own and avoid hassle.
  7. Buy your Supplies: Not only is it important to have your supplies on hand before it is time to pack, it is also imperative that you purchase boxes from a moving company rather than use those from the supermarket. They are very cheap and far sturdier than the others!
  8. Personal Items: Personal items, such as social security cards, birth certificates, school records, etc. should be kept safely near you until the move is complete.